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Tools for the cops who investigate data and extract information and trends from it.

Green Colour represents new beginnings and growth. It also signifies renewal and abundance.

Data Visualization plays a very important role in Data mining. Various data scientist spent their time exploring data through visualization. To accelerate this process we need to have a well-documentation of all the plots.

Even plenty of resources can’t be transformed into valuable goods without planning and architecture. …

Overfitting and underfitting are very common problems and we have specified methods and tools to deal with them. Although, the basic science behind all the methods is the same, and is worth mentioning too.

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The Data Science community is awarded many platforms hosting lots of predictive modeling problems. This has simplified the path for beginners to excel and attain proficiency in this field. We are not going to talk about those platforms but talk about something that will let us end our journey at…

Experience of IIT Kanpur, one of the prestigious colleges in India


Brief Introduction to my Background

I am a final year undergraduate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Minors in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

You may find it interesting that belonging to a core field, how I land a job as a Data Scientist.


These five obstacles may occur when you train a linear regression model on your data set.

Let's go from Yellow, the color of danger to Yellow, the color of sunshine, and happiness. (Photo by Casey Thiebeau on Unsplash)

Linear Regression is one of the most trivial machine algorithms. Interpretability and easy-to-train traits make this algorithm the first steps in Machine Learning. Being a little less complicated, Linear Regression acts as one of the fundamental concepts in understanding higher and complex algorithms.

To know what linear regression is? How…

Relative Order Test for testing the existence of a Trend in a Time series

Time passes faster for your face than for your feet (assuming you’re standing up). Einstein’s theory of relativity dictates that the closer you are to the center of the Earth, the slower time goes — and this has been measured. At the top of Mount Everest, a year would be about 15 microseconds shorter than at sea level. (Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

A time series comprises four major components. A trend. A seasonal component. A cyclic component. And a stochastic/ random component.

You can have a recap of all the basics of a time series from my following article.

We extract all these components and analyze them to get information from a…

DR is one of the most critical steps of the predictive modeling problem. The world is generating a large amount of data with large dimensions. Hence it is crucial to optimize the dimensional space of the data.

Pink is a light red hue and is typically associated with love and romance. People associate the color with qualities that are often thought of as feminine, such as softness, kindness, nurturance, and compassion (Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash)

What is Dimensionality Reduction (DR)?

Suppose you want to solve a predictive modeling problem, and for the same, you start to collect data. You would never know what exact features you want and how much data is needed. Hence, you go for the upper limit, and you collect all possible features and observations.

Consequently, you…

Time Series (TS) is considered to be one of the less known skills in the data science space. This article is a self-starter to the concepts in TS and a lot more coming.

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From the point of time we came to know that data contains trends and we can extract knowledge from it, we started collecting it. In some instances, we try to generate trends from data where the time is not so large. Hence we do not find any trend concerning time.

This is an introduction to the young and fast-growing field of data mining (also known as knowledge discovery from data, or KDD for short). It focuses on fundamental data mining concepts and techniques for discovering interesting patterns from data in various applications.

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The world we that we see today have automated data collection tools, databases systems, world wide web, and computerized society. This results in an explosive growth in data, from terabytes to petabytes.

We are drowning in the ocean of data but starving for knowledge.

A huge velocity, volume, and variety…

Aayush Ostwal

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